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7" will be out soon on Chiller Than Most.

recorded at SuperSize Recording Studio
mixed and mastered by Dexter


released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


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TOUCH Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Growing Consciousness (ft. Olivier Packolet)
The pressure rises and I feel the strain
Obsessed with my fears, as a slave in chains
There’s a whisper in my head, no fucking way
When everything falls apart don’t be afraid
Control yourself, try to abstain of what makes you insane

I am the boss in my own mind
Concentrate on things which don’t lead me astray
I should realize it’s all in my hands
Don’t waste my time, just take a stand

Focus on things that make me unbiased
Just try to let go and start to appreciate
Focus on things that make me more aware
Just try to let go and start to appreciate
Track Name: Out Of The Void
Break the mold they set for me
Not be the person they expect me to be
Agreeing / believing not even thinking
Hiding my true self from publicity

Leave behind my previous life
Leave behind my delusional mind

Refuse the culture, culture of slavery
All the things which lead to insanity
Dig for answers, reasons are my own

Create n' control - the only way I know
Track Name: Years Of Conflicts
Just building up barriers, not taking the time
Self-absorbed acting, inreasing your pride
Damaging intention, aggravation, frustration,
Deepened the abyss, not paying attention

Don’t tell me that, you are not aware of this mess
Don’t tell me that, you are not aware of this mess

Years of conflicts, you took part in
Live in the problems, you chose to create
Track Name: In Progress
Don't even know what I'm looking for
Don't even know what I'm hoping for

Tell me if I'm free, or not anymore

Just set my expectations high,
Can't declare myself satisfied
I wanna feel that way again

Walls are closing, slipping away
Take advantage before it's late

Days are changing, they're getting longer
I've got these feelings, leading nowhere

Live in circles, fuel the rage,
Can't live like this, in an oppressive cage

How many times do I have to start this over again