The Darkness Reflects


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released December 20, 2019

12" is out now on Version City Blues and 9 LIES.

recorded at SuperSize Recording Studio
mixed and mastered by Dexter


all rights reserved



TOUCH Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: Retrospection
I’m falling, I’m falling, I’m falling apart


I’ve been here for too long
I’ve lost my sense, sense of direction
Stuck in my own visions
Obscured by a massive cloud

Please tell me - this mind-block is temporary
Whisper in my ear: „ You will find the source of light!”

Sometimes I don’t know where I belong
Sometimes I feel my soul is bound
Somewhere inside, the darkness reflects
Against the grain - my deepest desire

It’s time to find the shining spark
Track Name: Stalemate
Self-deception - the source of infection
Clear our minds of all distractions
Difficult admission, we must realize
Diversity is essential

The concept is clear, just spreading fear
Within these walls, we cannot break free
Sinking and sinking, barely breathing
Forced to justify our reasons for thinking

Preplanned mechanisms - no consequences
Almost invisible yet the damage remains

Refuse the question, they ignore our thoughts
Master of disguise
Track Name: Possession
This has begun
Within our souls
You’re not even conscious of your insults
You’re not the person who possesses the truth

You’re always trying to confuse me
„A little wise, the best fools be.”
You’re always trying to confuse me
„A little wise, the best fools be.”

No voice to guide.
Just thoughts you’ve shared
Attempt ignorance
Don’t act like you care

Just don’t become an act of war
Force me into my own fall

No voice to guide.
Just thoughts you’ve shared
Attempt ignorance
Don’t act like you care
Track Name: Spread of Lies
Spread of lies

False belief’s trap
Total confusion
Method of showing
Ways of illusion

Take the lead clear all the eyes
Take the lead despise the lies

Preaching of hate
To fall is their fate
Horribly spineless
Aiming to suppress

Malicious actions
Made up accusations
Spread of lies

Take the lead clear all the eyes
Take the lead despise the lies
Track Name: Ascendancy
Statement after statement
Surrounded by revelations
Controlled by the loud
Agenda of fear, wreak of deceit

Seems like a snake pit
Agressive tendencies
Led by false ideas
Victim of their own success

I swear, I swear

You're hiding, hiding something else

It's just a uniform
Follow the pattern
Pretending to be a jury
Well staged scene, dressed to destroy

Dressed to destroy

This is a facade
There's no conclusion
Inner voices
Lost in illusion

We'll find the source of oppression

We need - we need
More patience - appreciation
Track Name: Said & Done
Expectations set for me
Curious eyes looking for some answers
Not yet sure who I want to be
It’s too hard to choose from endless choices

Closing my eyes
Waiting for signs
Wishing to know
Which way to go

No guiding hand

All is said and done
Are you satisfied with what I’ve become?
Standards of yours, I’ve never met
But I know I’ve found the right mindset
Track Name: Nantes (feat. Derek Archambault)
Strangers passing by
No one can make me smile
The memories that I have
I can't move on from the past

Can’t find a place
A place I can call home
Somebody, please tell me
Is this an eternal roam?

‘cause after all these years
I still feel the same
About everything we went through
About everything we shared

I'm still trying to move on
Tried everything I can
But the hardest part in my life
Was always to say goodbye

And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
In the middle of the night
And I wonder if I'm gonna see
Your charming smile again

But I should stop longing for you
Just leave it all behind
And I should try to face the fact
That you're never gonna be here again
Track Name: Determinate
Within these walls
A barrier still exists
Conventional phrases
Over, over and over again

Toxic dependency
Rebuild - rebuild a safety net

Reveal your intention
Lead me in your own direction
Reveal your intention
Control my mind, control my mind

Indecisive face
Ridden by fear
Fictional framework
Against my will

Refuse to be your slave

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